Working Off Those Holiday Indulgences 

holiday-indulgenceI like to indulge as much as anyone over the holiday season.  Ok fine, let’s be real, I like to indulge any time of year. My personal weakness is Belgian made Neuhaus chocolates and feel the cravings increasing even as I write this.

It is important to remember though, especially this time of year, that our body needs us to do good things as well.
Check out these tips for helping manage that holiday weight gain.

Step one is to keep tabs on what you are doing to your body.  I have put a calorie counter app on my phone called  My Fitness Pal. This app allows me to enter my weight goal (including just maintenance) and body stats to determine what is a reasonable amount of calories that I can consume each day.  Now, I may not be following this religiously during the holidays, but it does help to make me accountable for how much extra I am eating and what are the wisest food choices. 

Step two involves specific consumption. I don’t believe in depriving myself of anything because – come on, that is just not living (especially during the holidays).  Instead I try to practice some moderation.  When you see all those appetizers at the holiday party, try to make sure you only fill up half your plate with the indulgent appetizers and fill up the other half with salad and/or vegetable options.  When it comes to dessert, instead of having 3 cookies, maybe you will be ok with just 2.  When I’m at home I try not to have a full dessert each night and instead try to only indulge every other night (unless its a special occasion).  Just that little cut back in sugar can make a huge difference.

Step three is balancing the consumption by trying to make sure you are getting at least the minimum amount of physical activity that the body needs.  To help me with this I have a fitness tracker.  There are many on the market but I have chosen the FitBit HR Charge as I like its ability to follow my heart rate.  It also syncs all my fitness information with My Fitness Pal where I am recording my calories.  On my FitBit, there is a standard goal of 10,000 steps per day.  I make sure, especially during the holidays, that i reach that goal each day.  It goes further than you might think in combatting excess weight gain.

What will really help burn off indulgences for people like me who can not fly-studio-torontostand the gym, are fun physical activities.  These include reformer pilates, barre classes, pole dancing classes, ariel yoga and other activities.  These are great because they are fun while giving an amazing work out with no two classes the same, meaning that the muscles will never stop getting an awesome work out.  My activity of choice is reformer pilates as there are so many different moves and positions that you are always doing something new.  The classes at my local studio are also very intimate.  I have  enough individualized attention that I can push my body to its full benefit on every move.

Pick the tips that work for you and I promise your body will be happier for it come 2016.

Check out some of these studios for fun classes:

Fly Studio for Reformer Pilates and Ariel Yoga

The Extension Room for Barre, Ballet Bootcamp, and more

Barre3 for classes that are a mix of Ballet Barre, Pilates, and Yoga

Brass Vixens for pole dancing fitness classes