The Skinny Pancake, Burlington, Vermont

The Skinny PancakeIf you ever find yourself in Burlington Vermont or even the Burlington airport, you must make your way to The Skinny Pancake.

A few times a year I land at the Burlington Airport where The Skinny Pancake has become my place for a delicious meal on the go.  The specialty are the crepes, both savory and sweet yumminess.

Thus far I have two favourites that I order.  One is the Lovemaker which is Nutella, strawberries, and Vermont whipped cream (how could anyone not love that combination!)  My other favourite is savory, the Jonny Crepe, pulled pork with a sweet maple BBQ sauce, caramelized onions and Cabot cheddar all folded up in a cornmeal crepe.

What’s cool about The Skinny Pancake is their commitment to to building a safer, healthier, and more delicious food shed while also creating a product that is fun and affordable.   Now what is a food shed you ask? It is the concept that restaurants can get their food from the farmers and food producers nearby rather then from giant agribusinesses.  You’ll notice if you visit The Skinny Pancake, that their food shed map of where in Vermont their ingredients are sourced from is proudly displayed for all customers to see. The best thing we can do is support local!

Trust me – you will not regret making a trip to The Skinny Pancake.  You have a few locations to chose from, so no excuse! The locations around Burlington are at the University of Vermont, the Burlington waterfront, downtown Montpelier, Sugarbush Ski Resort, and of course my frequent spot, the BTV airport.

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