Weekend Getaway: Paris, France

Paris is one of my favorite cities, it just has a certain magic to it.  I know that is so cliche and I swear I don’t feel that way because of movies and tv shows.  I’m drawn to Europe in general as I love the history it holds, something you just can’t rival in North America.

On this trip, I really wanted to experience new places I hadn’t been to before.  I took in culture and checked a couple items off the ole bucket list (Mona Lisa, The Thinker).  Also stumbled upon some great places to eat and drink.

Sip Café Babylone:
46, Boulevard Raspail

Stopped here to enjoy a sidewalk seat and watch the action pass by with a latte.  The location is wonderful, right on a corner with a gorgeous park to one side.  I just felt at peace here.  Next trip I plan to visit for dinner as the food on their social media looked delish!

Website HERE

Maison Sauvage:
5, rue de Buci

Found this boutique restaurant/bar partly due to desperation.  Tired and hungry and in need of a glass of wine, Maison Sauvage was near my hotel in Saint Germain.  What intrigued me to try it though was their intricate decor of vines.  It was literally a gorgeous restaurant.  Thankfully the wine and food didn’t disappoint either.  A small menu but with a variety of small plates along with a few entrees.  I went with the cheese plate which was generous in quantity, I would recommend for two people

Website HERE

Claus Paris:
14, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Claus was by far the best find of my trip.  Stumbled upon it on a side street near the Palais Royale on a saturday morning.  I was transfixed by the clean white exterior and the semi modern mid century/contemporary look of the place (exactly my style!).  They have a couple locations so you should be able to find one that is convenient.  The food is to die for! On the day I was there it was a set menu, but you have about 4 packages to choose from.  Each price option has 2 or 3 choices per course.  It was way too much food for me but honestly it was so incredibly delicious.  They also don’t rush you at all so you can have a leisurely visit.  Be prepared, for brunch you may have to wait for a table, but I promise it is worth it.  My prix fixe started with a selection of fresh breads, followed by truffled scrambled eggs with mushrooms on cream cheese and brioche toast, ending with yogurt topped with granola and fresh fruit.  They offer breakfast during the week as well… please do not miss this experience.

Website HERE

Next Trip:

I passed one restaurant during my wanderings that looked beautiful and has awesome reviews online.  Its on the top of my list for next trip, I would recommend checking it out as well

12, rue Réaumur 
Website HERE