Barbuto, New York


I have had Barbuto on my wish list of restaurants since first being introduced to Jonathan Waxman (metaphorically).  I first saw chef Waxman on Top Chef Masters and instantly loved his quiet yet quirky demeanor.  Wasn’t hard to be impressed by his credentials either, read more about his biography HERE.

Barbuto is a trendy little spot nestled in the West Village of Manhattan.  Described as rustic Italian, it has an assortment of evolving dishes to suit any palette.  While the foundations stay the same much of the time (such as there is always a version of gnocchi on the menu) the preparation changes frequently.  One can go back again and again and never get tired of it. Continue reading

Down the Rabbit Hole @ Fishs Eddy, New York

Fishs Eddy

Fishs Eddy is my favorite kitchen store in manhattan.  You will find a vast variety of dinnerware (new and vintage), glasses, serving items, linens etc.  It literally is like a rabbit hole that you will fall into and not want to leave for all the delights you find around each turn in the store.

With the current lead up to the Presidential election, it’s also the perfect place to find unique presidential themed items (with a side of sarcasm).

I promise you Fishs Eddy must be on your list of spots even just for a giggle.  Make sure you check out their adult art blocks as well, currently a growing obsession of mine.  (artist HERE)

Fishs Eddy Art Blocks

Check out the Fishs Eddy website HERE.

The Odeon, Tribeca, New York

The Odeon

“An oldie but a goodie “is the phrase that comes to mind when thinking of The Odeon restaurant on West Broadway in the heart of TriBeCa. Ok, so maybe I stole the phrase from Sex and the City who probably stole the phrase from somewhere else but what can I say, it’s true!

I lived in New York back in late 80’s-early 90’s before Giuliani entered the scene and when it was still acceptable to take your 9 year old out at night with you to cool funky places… Yep I was the 9 year old. Continue reading