Rincón Limeño, East Boston

Rincon Limeno sangria

Next time you find yourself in Boston, how about trying something different? Take a trip to East Boston and experience a little bit of Peru right in the heart of Massachusetts.

I visited Rincon Limeño restaurant with a co-worker from South America who promised me this was the spot to get an authentic Peruvian meal.

Starting off the night with a pitcher of their Sangria was the perfect way to go.   A glass of diced fruit was a yummy accent to this delicious beverage and got me in the mood for a little South American flavour.

Trying Peruvian food for the first time, I was determined to step out of my comfort zone and taste anything that was suggested.  First up was anticuchos, beef heart marinated and seared over the grill.  What can I say? it was delicious! and really I never thought I would ever be saying that in reference to eating any kind of heart.

Along with the anticuchos we also ordered causa rellena, described simply as yellow potatoes with chicken salad.  In actuality this dish is more complex then it sounds.  A layer of flavourful yellow potatoes on a bed of lettuce, topped with creamy chicken salad, another layer of potatoes, all topped off with a small layer of creamy sauce, vegetable garnish and a hard boiled egg.  I could eat this as a meal on its own.

My dinner companions each chose to order the plato montañero for their main course.  An amazing value at $15 USD considering how generous the portions are.  This dish most certainly will not leave any room for dessert (in most cases).  The plate is comprised of grilled steak with rice, beans, fried pork fat (chicharrón) , egg, plantains and salad.  It was quite an impressive dish when it arrived at the table.

I went in a different direction and ordered the seco de cabrito, Peruvian style lamb stew.  No exaggeration, I think this was the most tender lamb i have ever eaten.  The chunks of lamb just tore apart with the smallest touch of my fork.  The rest of the stew was comprised of flavorful rich sauce and what seemed to be white beans.  There were a couple other ingredients I couldn’t quite figure out but were delicious.  I tried to use the rice the best I could to get every last bit of the sauce.

Rincon Limeño is not about fancy decor or white table cloths, this restaurant is all about the food.  At the end of the day that is all that should matter in any establishment worthy of a foodie.  Do yourself a big favour and make the trip to East Boston and be prepared to break out your rusty spanish.

More information for Rincon Limeño on their website HERE.