Down the Rabbit Hole @ Fishs Eddy, New York

Fishs Eddy

Fishs Eddy is my favorite kitchen store in manhattan.  You will find a vast variety of dinnerware (new and vintage), glasses, serving items, linens etc.  It literally is like a rabbit hole that you will fall into and not want to leave for all the delights you find around each turn in the store.

With the current lead up to the Presidential election, it’s also the perfect place to find unique presidential themed items (with a side of sarcasm).

I promise you Fishs Eddy must be on your list of spots even just for a giggle.  Make sure you check out their adult art blocks as well, currently a growing obsession of mine.  (artist HERE)

Fishs Eddy Art Blocks

Check out the Fishs Eddy website HERE.