Let’s go to the Ex….. and EAT

Going to the Ex each year has been a tradition since I moved to Toronto 24 years ago. In recent years I have fully embraced the assortment of crazy food that has emerged each season.

This year while I go on my culinary tour of wackiness I will be live updating this post with pictures and thoughts of every item I dare to try.

Stand by and let your tummy fill through me… And don’t forget, you still have the whole weekend to get to the Ex yourself.

Updates will start approximately 5pm est.
4:30pm at the  Ex!! in search of a “snack” to start the night
4:57pm in search of The Cheesery
5:03pm about to bite into the rainbow grilled cheese (found the Cheesery in the back section of the midway)

Thoughts: decent grilled cheese, fun colours, too light on the cheese. Love the sweetness the sprinkles add. Great options for kids

5:16pm do I dare try the pulled pork cinnamon bun from Howies cinnamon rolls on the midway?

Decided to save the cinnamon bun for dessert

6:07pm found Nutella food truck near kids area with free sample. Nutella on a Belgium waffle or in a fruit cup

7:29pm in a very long line to try a ramen burger

7:54pm I think I’m the next in line to order…. And then further anticipation to actually receive it

So close yet so far….

8:09pm finally!!!!

Processed with Snapseed.
Processed with Snapseed.

Thoughts? Interesting texture combination.  I like it just wish the noodles were crunchier and had a bit of seasoning added to them. Everything on it is awesome though

8:48pm in another crazy line now for a shake at frans crazy shakes

9:14pm. Most beautiful shake I’ve seen

10:56pm.. home and another food fest at the CNE is done for this Toronto foodie… now I need to go work off all these calories.

For more information on the CNE visit HERE.