La Société, Toronto

I’ve been wanting to check out La Société for a while, I have heard amazing things about their brunch.  I love any mention of a French bistro.  My best friend and I finally made it out to the restaurant recently for dinner.  The intention was to partake in their Summerlicious 2018 menu but of course, murphys law, we were more tempted by items on the a la carte menu instead.

La Société, has two locations, one in Toronto on Bloor street at the edge of Yorkville, and one in Montreal.  Rumour is they paid out quite a pretty penny to the previous tenants of the 131 Bloor Street West location in order to take over the lease.

They describe themselves as having a fresher, lighter approach to classic dishes while still being an inspired and dynamic French bistro.  You definitely will not be disappointed by the variety on their menu, all the classic French bistro dishes are still there along with some more inventive dishes.

Started off the night with the La Société beef tartare with quail egg, shallot, dijon, and toasted baguette.  A delicious light tartare, just the way it should be.  There are two size options, small for $20cdn (pictured) and the large at $27cdn.

I’m a sucker anytime I see duck on a menu, so of course I had to have the duck confit…this is pretty much the reason why I went a la carte rather then having the Summerlicious menu.  The Duck confit was done with braised endive, blackberries and radicchio ($34cdn).  There can be some concern that duck confit is a bit heavy for the summer time, but really its all about the accompaniments.  The blackberries and radicchio but a nice summer spin on the dish.  Though I guess i’m not too concerned about heaviness because I ordered the mac & cheese as my side dish ($14cdn).  Its hard to mess up a mac & cheese (though some places do), but this one was particularly delicious with cheddar, gruyere, and of course a crispy breadcrumb topping.

I was stuffed after my meal so didn’t partake in a dessert, thought they had some wonderful French choices.

A delicious meal which made me want to go back soon.  I’m hoping to try the brunch soon and of course when winter hits I look forward to sitting in the main dining room under one of the most spectacular ceilings I’ve seen in a restaurant.

Website HERE.