Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen, Toronto

I’ve heard great things about Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen.  Finally got to check it out with a girlfriend.  

Walking inside is like transporting to a paradise, they have not spared anything on the decor, and the result is magnificent.  It is located in a converted older house so you do get a cozy feel inside at the same time.  There are two levels with a bar and dining seating on both.  Unable to get a reservation (as we waited until the last minute), we did walk in and thankfully was able to get counter seating near the upstairs bar.  Full menu is available no matter where you sit so that’s a plus.

I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to spice, so that was my only concern about going to a Jamaican spot.  I was pleased to discover that the dishes offered have a variety of spice levels and hot sauces are provided to take it up higher if you wish.

Before moving to wine, I first HAD to try a cocktail to get me in the tropical spirit.  I went with the Chubby’s Rum Punch, wray & nephew overproof rum, appleton signature rum, agnostura, lime, and nutmeg for $13.

My dinner companion and I started off with the watercress and papaya salad.  Accompanied with avocado, toasted cashews, and tamarind vinaigrette for $13.  It was a light, fresh way to start off the meal.

Lots of the dishes can be consumed somewhat family style if you want to taste multiple flavours, they also work for individual ordering.

My companion went for the quarter jerk chicken with Chubby’s slaw for $14.  I went for the curry because its not often you can get the more unique Caribbean curries, I selected the curry goat, house-made curry spice, mango chutney, and jasmine rice for $17.  Both dishes were excellent.  I absolutely loved the curry goat, it had been braised the perfect amount so it was so tender with each bite, the spice was a nice warm subtle spice, perfect for my more gentle palette.  I loved the sweetness the mango chutney added, I only wished the serving of chutney was a bit larger.

Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen
104 Portland Street
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