Antler Kitchen & Bar, Toronto

Antler Kitchen & Bar

A contemporary Canadian cuisine restaurant nestled on Dundas Street West.  Self described aim is to “define Canadian cuisine highlighting local seasonal and wild foods”.  The restaurant gives off the vibe of being rustic with an upscale feel.

I started the evening with a delicious and smooth Blood Fashioned cocktail.  Made with blood orange, Appleton’s rum, bitters, and demerara sugar, served in a highball with a perfectly formed single large ice cube. I could drink these all night but thankfully know my limits. Continue reading

Brunch @ Peter Pan Bistro, Toronto

Peter Pan Bistro little touches

Peter Pan Bistro has quite the culinary history in Toronto.  Originally opened as the restaurant Savoy over 120 years ago, it was renamed Peter Pan Lunch in the 1920s.   The Peter Pan was taken over almost two years ago by chef Noah Goldberg and his father in order to fulfill chef Noah’s dream of having his own restaurant.  The rejuvenated Peter Pan Bistro has culinary foundations rooted in British and French principles. The Bistro also uses the “nose to tail” philosophy of ensuring responsible use of all ingredients.

I visited for brunch this past weekend and was impressed with the lovely space. Adorned with 14-foot high tin ceilings and polished oak booths running along the one side of the restaurant which are from the original space and bring you back to a different time. The bar is also done in wood with original marble bar top that one can tell holds years of stories.  I love that the restaurant has added some more contemporary touches blended in with the history, such as wall tapestries that have woodland creature heads sticking out from them.  Continue reading

Le Lapin Sauté, Québec City

Lapin Saute
If one is going to try rabbit for the first time, it makes sense to do it at a restaurant that has it in the title. The first thing that catches your attention at Le Lapin Sauté before you even walk in is the adorably happy rabbit statues hopping around the sign on the outside.

Going inside is like entering another country, which old Quebec City as a whole is like. The restaurant is cozy. The interior seats about 31 people and is all done up in rustic wood and exposed stone. The staff make you feel instantly welcomed. Our server let us know that in the summer there is a patio that fits about 50 people and is the spot of joyous eating and drinking. Continue reading

Pot of Heaven @ Ned Devine’s Irish Pub, Boston

Ned Devines Lobster pot pie close up

Ned Devine’s Irish Pub may look like your average Boston pub but the food is anything but!  Located one end of Quincy market, it’s an easy spot to get to and not one to be missed.

Serving up the ultimate in East Coast comfort food,  Ned Devine’s will not disappoint.  I have been several times and always leave with a stuffed and happy belly.

My current go to on the menu, though everything is delicious, is the lobster pot pie. It is truly truly a pot of heaven, also a pretty generous one at that.

I don’t like anything that tastes too fishy or too strong of seafood, so I was a bit hesitant the first time i ordered the dish.  I can’t even bring myself to think about my life had I never had this lobster pot pie.

This dish is the perfect balance of richness with delicate lobster flavouring.   The first bite fills your mouth with the creamiest and smoothest bisque you have ever had. The lobster flavor throughout is delicate and pairs perfectly with the rich bisque.   Little pieces of carrot and potato add texture along alongside the succulent tender chunks of lobster.  All of this deliciousness is topped off with a hat of buttery flaky puff pastry.

You have not experienced a pot pie until you experience this one, please do not deprive yourself of the experience.

Ned Devine's Lobster Pot Pie

Complete menu and information on Ned Devine’s website HERE.

Late Night Affair – Saturday Nights @ Montecito, Toronto

Montecito Late Night Affair Directors Lounge

This week Montecito launched Late Night Affair, their Saturday night event located within their bar area named the directors lounge.. Marketed as the lounge to be where you get to skip dealing with bouncers, cover charges, and crowded dance floors, and they pulled out all the stops for the launch.

Montecito is the creation of Ivan Reitman, acclaimed director and Jonathan Waxman, a Master Chef.  The restaurant is described as the combination of casual elegance with effortless sophistication.   Fittingly so, the restaurant is located just steps from the Toronto Film Festival headquarters TIFF Bell Lightbox in the heart of downtown Toronto. Continue reading

The Chase Fish and Oyster, Toronto

The Chase F&O oysters

I went to The Chase Fish and Oyster on a chilly February night.  Stepping into the restaurant I instantly felt cozy.  The decor is maritime chic with flickering candles on all the tables.  Wood accents and exposed brick walls reflect the warm light given off by the candles.

Started off the evening with a glass of bubbly which surprisingly felt right in the atmosphere.  I struggled a bit with what I was going to order,  but the server was very patient and skilled at explaining the dishes that I was considering helping me come to a final decision. Continue reading

Eating and Drinking My Way Through Austin Texas

Austin Texas

Ok so maybe the title is a bit of an exaggeration. If you’ve never been to Austin, let me tell you, one weekend was not nearly enough time to eat and drink my way through it. I wish I had been there for a solid week to try all the places that intrigued me, alas I was only there for a weekend bachelorette getaway and therefore really did he best I could… I mean it… My scale can testify to that fact.

One of the things I loved best about Austin was the amount of food truck areas around the whole city. There could be a lone one on its own or a cluster of up to five, but they were everywhere! It made my group wonder if Austin is where the food truck phenomenon actually has its roots… I’ll have to look that up sometime.  I did not get to experience it as much as I would have liked, I really should go back and just have a food truck trip. Continue reading

Patrician Grill, Toronto


Patrician Grill

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you just need an old school diner breakfast or lunch. There are a couple of places in Toronto that are real diner institutions.  They have not caved to trends or any perceptions of how dining “should be” these days.  The Patrician Grill is one of them and the teasing service is part of the charm and nostalgia of the place. Continue reading

The Windsor Arms Hotel Afternoon Tea, Toronto

WIndsor Arms Tea

The Windsor Arms hotel afternoon tea was the third afternoon tea service I’ve tried in Toronto.  The service itself was beautiful and very traditional. Lace edged napkins and traditional silverware with the Windsor Arms shield left no doubt that you were in a venue of historical value.

There are two connecting rooms in which afternoon tea is served. The first has interiors and furniture all in rich creams and heavy wood making it feel classic but also with a bit of a contemporary feel. The connecting room is much more fanciful. Lavender satin drapes frame the traditional windows while all the couches and arm chairs are done in rich purple velvet.  The chinaware reminded me of something that could have been designed by Versace with its bold yellow and black accents.

The tea selection had something for everyone. I was quite delighted with the flavoring of my naturally caffeine free fruit meadly tea, which left me feeling light with room for all the yumminess I was awaiting. Continue reading