Aux Anciens Canadien, Quebec City

Aux Anciens Canadien

On a recent visit to Québec city I felt the last night was the perfect time to visit one of the cities classic Quebecois establishments.  The restaurant has been housed in the historic Maison Jacquet since 1966.  The Maison one of the oldest houses in Québec, built in 1675-76. More on the history HERE.

If you are tall be prepared to stoop a bit in some parts of the restaurant, as it really is housed in a piece of history, where apparently people were not as tall.  Warm lighting and a snapping fireplace welcome you into the dining room for a true Canadian Quebecois meal fit for royalty.  Take the opportunity to order a game meat as if you are going to do it anywhere, do it here where the cooking is spot on and the meat is really honored with the best acruements.

Having already indulged a fair amount during my trip to Québec City, my companion and I decided to pare back and share an appetizer rather then each getting our own.  We felt it was a no brainier to go with the garlic Escargot au gratin.  The Escargot was cooked beautifully, not too chewy, and topped with a generous amount of cheese.

My companion as her entree had what was called Grandma’s treat. This consisted of Québec meat pie, meatball ragout, salt pork grillades, and baked beans.  There was not a single place to seek improvement in this dish.

I chose the Trapper’s treat. Red deer filet with cognac and pink pepper sauce, and Yukon gold french fries.  The filet was cooked perfectly with the meat melting in my mouth like butter. Everything was so delicious I had to force myself to stop eating before I burst my tummy.

Already stuffed from the delicious meal we chose to forgo dessert this time but our server brought us a cold refreshing liquor shot to finish off the meal.  Highly recommended spot to check out on your next visit to Québec for a truly authentic experience.

Additional information on their website HERE.