My name is Sheena Crutchlow.  I work in my ‘real job’ as a flight attendant.  My main passions have always been style (well shopping) and food.  I love cooking but I love eating more.

I find great joy in going to new restaurants and constantly being amazed how, say, a simple chicken dish can blow me away because of a new technique a chef used, or a different sauce that was made in it.  Its pure art and creativity in my eyes, and something I will never hold back from indulging in.

I decided that it was time that rather then keeping my experiences to myself, that is was time I shared them with others, and so my blog was born.  I chose the name Sensi Di Colpa for a few reasons.  The Italian language is not absolute the way English is.  An anglo would want to interpret Sensi Di Colpa as feeling guilty, whereas an Italian does not see it that simple, it is not absolute.  I relate to that because when it comes to food I struggle with the guilt of eating something indulgent versus at the same time not feeling guilty because it tastes so good and I would never want to deprive myself of such an experience.  This internal struggle can be related to many things, not just food.  It doesn’t hurt that Italian is also my favorite genre of food.

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