A Not So Old School Brunch @ Old School, Toronto


While Old School’s menu might have a foundation built on classic dishes, once the restaurant has put their spin on them, they are anything but traditional.

Nestled on the corner of Dundas West and Palmerston Ave, the choice to go here for the brunch the other day was completely random…. finding a parking spot right in front played a big part I won’t lie.

Considering it was mid morning on a Sunday, I was pleasantly surprised the the wait on a table for 2 was only about 15 minutes.  They seemed to have their system down as to how fast tables will turn over, therefore giving waiting patrons highly accurate seating times, which was thoroughly impressive.

The decor is I think best described a modern diner… the seating arrangement is comfortable and the restaurant is deceptively spacious.  We had to wait a bit for our food… but hey it was a Sunday and it was snowing outside, what do you expect? I had zero issue with it because if you expect everything to be fast about Sunday brunch…. well then you are just delusional.

To warm myself on the snowy day, I started by ordering a latte with a shot of Bailey’s….mmmmm nothing better.  I actually hadn’t had Bailey’s in a latte before (just in hot chocolate) and it was so delicious.  With lattes already being so milky, the Bailey’s was the perfect complement.  The only only nit picky thing I would say is that they shouldn’t serve the shot cold, once I added it to the latte, it significantly brought down the temperature of the drink.  This actually meant the latte ended up being completely cold not long after I had only had a chance to drink half.

It took a bit of internal debating to finally decide what to order… everything sounded amazing and unique, and looking at tables around me did not help at all because it all looked delicious.  With some help from our server I finally decided on the Low N Slow French Toast.

The server pointed out that while some variations of other dishes may be brunch staples at other restaurants, I was unlikely to get anything like the Low N Slow French Toast anywhere else.

The Low N Slow French Toast is homemade thick cut (and they mean thick!!) french toast, low ’n slow pulled pork, béchamel sauce, smoked sugar and topped with a fried egg for $18.  If you are like me and love savory/sweet combinations then this is definitely the dish for you!! I ate ALLLL of it and probably would have continued to eat more until my stomach burst.

Make sure you check out this spot for yourself, I’m looking forward to also checking out their dinner offerings.

Old School website HERE.